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“Travel without trouble with JOFICO”


You may encounter unexpected emergencies that cannot be avoided while traveling; this is why the Jordan French Insurance Company “JOFICO” has designed these products to help you feel safe and put your mind at ease.

“JOFICO” provides you travel insurance policies in collaboration with SOS EVASAN S.A. to protect against unexpected emergency, medical expenses that may happen during your trip. Distinctive service can be provided through the emergency call center with 24/7 assistance service throughout the year, to enjoy your travel.


Travel Insurance Benefits (EVASAN):


  • Emergency Call Center which operates 24/7, while providing assistance using 22 universal languages.
  • Insurance coverage up to $200000.
  • Providing Insurance for individuals up to 74 years old.


Jordan French Insurance Company “JOFICO” provides travel insurance for:




  • Medical Assistance, Evacuation and / or Repatriation.
  • Urgent medical expenses.
  • Sea & mountain search & rescue.
  • Medical assistance in the course of repatriation.
  • Long distance medical advice.
  • Indication of local medical specialists.
  • Repatriation of family members traveling with the insured person.
  • Round trip ticket for a relative to visit the insured person in case of hospitalization.
  • Urgent dispatch of medicine.
  • Advance of Bail Bond.
  • Dispatch of urgent messages.
  • Repatriation of the mortal remains.
  • Loss of registered luggage.



The procedures to deal with emergency cases for travel insurance policy:


Jordan French Insurance Company “JOFICO” and SOS EVASAN S.A. Company provide you with the best travel insurance programs to deal with any emergency case you may experience during your trip.


Medical Claims:


Please follow the below steps:


1- Please call the emergency call center immediately. The number is available on the insurance policy:  0041229295252.


2- When you contact the emergency call center, the staff can speak in 22 universal languages are ready to serve you.


Please provide the emergency call center with the following:


  • The name of the insured person (as in the policy).
  • Policy number which begins with (JO – ……).
  • You address in details.
  • Your phone number.


3- Once you provide the above information to the emergency call center, they will immediately guide you to the nearest doctor or hospital in the region, and in case you would not be able to go, they will send an ambulance to your address.


4- Contact the doctors or hospitals provided by the emergency call center in order to assist you immediately.


5- The emergency call center will continuously collaborate with the healthcare providers to assist you.


Loss of Registered Luggage:


Please call the emergency call center mentioned above to provide them with the required information regarding the loss of registered luggage so as to record the incident, in addition to disruptions of lost luggage, as well as your phone number and address.