Road Side Assistant

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1) Towing and/or transportation of the vehicle due to a road accident and/or a technical breakdown.
In the event of breakdown or accident of the Insured Vehicle the Company will arrange to tow or transport the Vehicle to the nearest repairer.


2) Flat tire in respect of dismounting and fitting the tire only (within Amman only):
Flat or leaking tires will be removed and replaced free of charge, although the Beneficiary will be responsible for repair costs to all damaged tires, This benefit is given only if the Insured Vehicle is on the road and not at the usual place of residence, and the spare tire is available and in good condition.


3) Locking out of the vehicle’s keys (within Amman only):
In the event that the insured vehicle’s key is locked inside the Vehicle, the Company will provide assistance to unlock the Vehicle.


4) Running out of fuel:
If the Insured Vehicle runs out of fuel, the Company will ensure that enough fuel reaches you, so that you can get to the nearest service station. The Insured will pay for the cost of fuel.


5) Jump-start the vehicle in case of a flat battery:
If the insured vehicle’s battery is down, the Company will ensure it will start up the Insured Vehicle (Jump start) so that you can get to the nearest workshop.


Private Sedans: Age of Vehicle: Not exceeding 10 years


Contact Numbers:


Telephone : 0096264615066

Mobile : 00962797676022

Fax : 0096265517611

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