Group Medical Insurance

Jordan French Insurance Company “JOFICO” offers you Group medical insurance schemes for companies.

JOFICO offers you tailor-made policies that meet the requirements of all clients; we offer local and multiple provider network options in addition to flexible annual limits that can be customized per scheme (ranging from JD 60,000 to JD 250,000).


JOFICO Privileges:

  • Easy access to a wide network of healthcare providers, comprising of almost 3000 medical providers.
  • A team comprising of highly qualified Claims processors and Medical Approval Managers.
  • JOFICO offers you formless Outpatient medical services. You can access outpatient services by using your membership card ONLY.
  • JOFICO will provide insured members with access to our online reporting system.

Coverage Details:


In-Patient Services Out-Patient Services
Hospital Accommodation and ICU Consultation Fees
Prescribed drugs/ medicines & Investigations – Radiology / Lab tests Prescribed drugs /medicines & Investigations – Radiology / Lab tests
Consultant visits, Surgical Fees, Surgical theatre charges Outpatient surgical procedures
Hospital services, expenses & supplies Hospital services, expenses & supplies for outpatient / day care services
Ambulances, if required


Additional Add- Ons Available:


JOFICO is happy to offer you variety of coverage’s that meets your specific needs, some of which are highlighted here-below:-

  • Chronic Condition
  • Dental Treatment
  • Maternity
  • Optical Services.
  • Critical Illness (CI)
  • Physical Therapy
  • Coverage of Cancer
  • Personal Accident


 Coverage Exclusions:


As the insurance policies are tailor-made, exclusions vary on the group size.


Terms and Conditions:


  • Eligibility for Group Medical Insurance is 5 employees. Those who do not meet this requirement may refer to our individual medical insurance.
  • Coverage of additional benefits shall be dependent on the group size and its composition.



Med. Service Medical Network Services & Advantages:


JOFICO selected Med.Service Medical Network to provide their beneficiaries with the best medical treatment.

Med.Service Medical Network is considered one of the largest and most advanced medical network in Jordan in terms of qualifications, diversity, and quality of care.


MedService Logo


  • Med.Service contracted with more than 3800 medical centers with different specialties.
  • Med.Service contracts with only those medical providers who meet our standards of quality, efficiency and geographical distribution.
    • Med.Service contracted with more than 700 Pharmacies.
    • Med.Service contracted with more than 1800 physicians (G.P / Specialized).
    • Med.Service contracted with more than 240 Medical Laboratories.
    • Med.Service contracted with more than 400 Dentists & Dental Centers.
    • Med.Service contracted with more than 80 Hospitals (Private, Public & Military).
    • Med.Service contracted with more than 70 Radiology Centers.
    • Med.Service contracted with more than 150 Optical Centers.
  • Med.Service provides medical forms at clinics and emergency centers. Subscribers use medical insurance card only for treatment.
  • Med.Service provides Medical Pre-approval Center with high efficiency operating 24/7 to give approvals as fast as possible according to the insurance policies.
  • Med.Service provides 24/7 Call Center for Customer Care.
  • Med.Service provides ability of searching Medical Providers through:
  • Med.Service provides (Mobile Application) for all devices, and can be uploaded through Google Play & App. Store.