AMAL Program female related cancer cover

Female cancer is defined as any malignant tumor, which originates from specific organs/sites in female individuals.

•Benefit is paid as a lump sum if an insured suffers from life-threatening female related Cancer and survives more than 30 days (survival period) from the date of final diagnosis.
•Scope of cover: worldwide, 24 hours a day.
•Enrollment is subject to completing the medical application without any medical examinations.


•breast (one or both)
•ovary (one or both)
•uterine tube (one or both)
•the uterus
•vagina or vulva


•Benign and pre-invasive malignant tumors “According to international TNM Classification”
•All tumors in the presence of HIV-infection or AIDS


•Minimum entry age is 18 years and Maximum entry age is 64 years and cover ceases at age 65 years.
•Minimum sum insured is JOD 10,000/- and Maximum is JOD 50,000/-.
•Cover is subject to 90 days waiting period from the date of issuing the policy.
•The policy is for one year only, and renewal is subject to mutual agreement.

General exclusions:

•War, warlike operations, sabotage, terror, armed conflict or an action of regular or irregular enemy forces, Illnesses or bodily injuries that are sustained as a consequence of any form of war or civil war or as a consequence of willful participation in acts of violence, including riot, civil commotion, insurrection, terrorism, or usurpation of power or any act identical to such participation.
•Drug abuse (incl. alcohol)
•Failure to follow medical advise.
•Preexisting conditions which the insured person has received treatment, or suffered symptoms of, or asked advice on or was aware of existence before the inception date.
•Criminal act / fraud.
•Intentional self-inflicted injury, whether the insured to be sane or insane.
•Any HIV or AIDS.
•Mental problems.
•Nuclear contamination.

Additional fees:

•Issue fees: 5% minimum 5.000 JOD
•Stamp fees: 1% minimum 0.500 JOD