Overview Life

We believe that life is the most precious thing we have, and that the head of the household is the cornerstone of the family future. We realize that life changing requirements need continuous planning to maintain a constant standard of living. This is why life insurance is a fundamental part of having a sound financial plan and the best way to protect your family and loved ones.

We at Jordan French Insurance Company “JOFICO” have designed flexible life insurance programs for individuals and groups in terms of premiums, insurance periods, and with the possibility of adding benefits during the period of validity of the contract, with the best investment rates and coverage for investment programs. Thus, we guarantee to offer you diverse products that will help you to save part of your income on regular basis and to set up for a solid financial future and protection for the uncertainties in life.

Life Insurance products :

We at Jordan French Insurance Company “JOFICO” provide a variety of life insurance programs for individuals and group insurance products for organizations and institutions that best suit their needs, as follows:

1- Individual life insurance:

– Educational plan (read more)

– Pension Plan (read more)

– Universal Life Investment Plan (read more)

2- Group life insurance: