Universal Life Investment Plan

This plan is designed to help you to save today from your income to protect you against any problem that will face you in the future.

This plan provides flexibility in the amounts you wish to save as you can design the payments that suites you so that inflation does not affect it, and you can withdraw from your savings at any time after the second year up to 80% of the saved amount without having to pay any interest on the amounts drawn, you can also take a loan from your savings to meet any financial emergency.

You will be insured during this plan duration and will receive a guaranteed yearly interest rate between 4.50 % and 8.50 % on your saving based on JOFICO’s annual Investment returns, JOFICO will also guarantee the yearly interest rate to be between 6.50 % and 8.50 % on your saving when committed to pay the designed premiums on the agreed due days of payment until maturity of the policy.

Upon maturity of the policy you will receive 100% of your savings as a lump sum or a lifetime fixed salary for a guaranteed period up to 240 months, if the insured died “God forbid” before receiving all the agreed salaries then JOFICO will pay the beneficiaries all the remaining salaries from the day the insured dies “God forbid” until the end of the agreed period.

You can choose any of these optional additional benefits to be added to this plan:

  • Death due to accident (double compensation).
  • Permanent total disability due to accident and sickness.
  • Permanent partial disability due to accident / sickness.
  • Medical expenses due to accident.
  • Critical Illness.
  • Weekly income in case of accident.
  • Educational Plan.