Pension Plan

In order to secure your future and the future of your family and in order to protect yourself and your family from any emergency may happen during your life; JOFICO has designed this plan for you.


This plan will provide you with a lifetime fixed salary for a guaranteed period of 120 up to 240 months, if the insured died “God forbid” before receiving all the agreed salaries then JOFICO will pay the beneficiaries all the remaining salaries from the day the insured dies “God forbid” until the end of the agreed period.


You can benefit from the following during this plan validity:

  1. You are insured during this plan duration.
  2. You can withdraw or borrow up to 80% of the contract balance after the first year.
  3. This plan was designed so that inflation does not affect it.
  4. You can change the sum insured or premium any time during this plan duration.
  5. When you don’t receive any income this plan will provide you with an alternative income and with a life insurance program to protect you.