Doctor Clinic Insurance

Doctor Clinic Insurance


Jordan French insurance company is always delighted to provide you with the full spectrum of insurance solutions to protect your valuable properties. Doctor clinic insurance will give you protection against fire and allied perils for all your clinic contents including medical equipment and internal decorations.


Insurance Perils:

  • Fire, lightning
  • Earthquake, storms, tempest and flood
  • Falling of aircraft or items falling therefrom.
  • Impact from third party vehicles
  • Bursting of water pipes & overflowing of water tanks
  • Burglary following forcible entry.



Cover can be extended to include third party liability towards visitors of the clinic for both bodily injury and property damage with indemnity limit of JD: 3,000.- any one accident and/ or in the aggregate subject to additional premium.



  • 1% of total sum insured each and every loss in respect of earthquake, storms, tempest & flood with minimum of JD 500.
  • 1st JD 150 from claim amount each and every loss in respect of Fire and Other Allied   Perils.


 General Conditions & Exclusions:

The insurance is subject to the following:

  • Electrical appliances clause.
  • Leakage clause.
  • Average clause
  • Short period tariff.
  • Important clause
  • Hazardous Substances clause.
  • Jordan jurisdiction.
  • 72 hours clause.
  • Political risks exclusion clause.
  • War & civil war exclusion clause.
  • Terrorism and sabotage exclusion clause.
  • Pollution and contamination exclusion clause.
  • Sanction limitation & exclusion clause LMA 3100.
  • Information technology hazards clarification clause
  • Electronic data endorsement B.
  • Excluding money from the insurance coverage.
  • Excluding theft arising out of using the original and / or counterfeit keys from insurance coverage.


Required Documents:

  • Copy of the Official Commercial register.
  • Copy of the Profession license.
  • Copy of Doctor National ID.
  • Duly completed application form (original).
  • Duly completed list of clinic contents.