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The placement of JOFICO’s treaties with International Reinsurers will be evaluated based on the abilities of reinsurers to fulfill their contractual obligations, reputation in the International Market that hold a credit rating not less than (A Excellent) rated by International Rating Agencies through a well-known, experienced Reinsurance Brokers.

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Evasan Travel Insurance & MedSirvice

  • evasan


    Evasan travel insurance provides peace of mind knowing that you’re covered should an emergency occur. Evasan travel insurance provides protection from the costs associated with emergency medical treatment, medical evacuations, repatriations, return of mortal remains, and even travel for a loved-one to come to your bedside should you become hospitalized. We offer a wide-range of solutions for individuals, institutions and businesses. We provide our clients with mandatory insurance products, such as Schengen visa travel insurance, complementary health insurances and leisure travel insurance products, such as travel cancellation insurance and luggage insurance. Evasan products combine specific insurance and assistance coverage’s built to exactly meet the requirements set by the Swiss authorities and by the provisions of the Schengen agreements when issuing a visa to foreign travelers.

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    Med Services

    Med.Service a leading Third Party Administrator (TPA) that was established in Amman- Jordan in 2001.  The company’s main objective is to provide Health Insurance companies and self-funded health plans with professional administration services for their health coverage programs. Since its establishment, Med.Service has gained knowledge and experience through the implementation of the latest information technology that enabled us to analyze health services utilization data that have accumulated over the years.  Consequently, Med.Service has become well positioned to provide its clients with consultative services that range from the improvements existing health care programs, to designing custom-tailored programs created specially to meet the requirements of some of our clients.

Authorized Agents

  • Ahmad Oriqat



    Tel: 00962-795508531

  • Mohammad Al-Thenat

    Irbid – Al-Husun St. – Baibars Complex


    Tel: 00962-775725002

    Fax: 00962-27255591

  • Abu Thyab For Insurance services



    Tel: 00962-795517975

    Fax: 00962-65544186

  • Al-Baraa For Insurance

    Najeh Al-Shamali – Al-Zarqaa


    Tel: 00962795558487


  • Ra’ed Jaradat


    Tel: 00962795587555

    Fax: 009626573320


  • Salem Zuraiqat

    Amman – Khelda


    Tel: 00962795698857

  • Firas Al-Shboul

    Irbed – Al-Hoson St.


    Tel: 00962799696600


  • Mohammad Fareed



    Tel: 00962797790393

  • Abdulrahman Khalaf

    Naur – Om Al-Quttain

    Tel: 00962797090075

    Tel: 0096264785200


  • Mohammad Fankheer Al-Jbour

    Al-Zarqa free zone


    Tel: 00962772231344

  • Omom Al-Shamal

    Khalid Al- Khalidi – Amman – Al-Shimisani

    Tel: 00962776777762

    Tel: 0096265685692