Jofico was established in affiliation with "Compagnie Financière Du Groupe Victoire" in 1976, with a registered capital of JD 250,000. Since JOFICO establishment date in 1976, we have grown into one of the market leaders in the Jordanian insurance industry with a long standing expertise in offering the full spectrum of services and support to individuals and corporates across Jordan. Our Geographical reach covers all the major areas within Jordan, to name a few Amman (main branch), Marka, AL Salt, Aqaba and AL Zarqa.   Our financial strength stems from our proven history, enabling us to stand behind our array of insurance products by offering flexibility and comprehensive benefits packaged with competitive prices.   Our philosophy is built around creating long-term relationships with our clients   Through the clear and wise direction of our management team the tradition will continue based on our sound strategies and adamant adherence to our core principles and values.


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